Designing and Executing Specialized Newsletter

Specialized newsletters and magazines are dedicated to a specific company, organization, or brand which exclusively introduces their products or services. This magazine includes comprehensive information about every aspect of the company’s activities and also any other related information. So the newsletter might include topics such as editorial (written by the CEO, business owner or the senior experts of the company), history, articles, news, and written or translated materials.

Nodid-with a team of professionals in design and publish-gathers all or parts of these materials in an attractive composition of texts and visuals and graphic, and delivers it to your current or potential customers. This would create a cost effective platform compared with other short term and costly methods of advertisement. It would also provide a suitable podium for extensively explaining your background, goals, approaches and achievements during the years of activity like no other way. Specified newsletter, depending on the range of activities and number of your audience or customers, will be published weekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, annually, or randomly.





Special Report and Photography




Compiling and Translating Related Materials

Editing Materials and Articles

Editorial is a medium-sized piece written by the CEO, business owner, or the senior experts of the company usually about the current concerns and goals of the company. Informing about the recent achievements or successes or launching new products or services from the point of view of the high-level executive or scientific authorities will be the first parts of your magazine which influences the reader significantly.

Creating a complete history from the activities of the organization, brand, company, store, and etc. including the date and process of its launch, introducing the founders, the background, and the achievements

Interview is mostly the best and simplest way for communicating with customers. Interviewing with manager, senior managers or selected staffs can increase the variety of subjects of your magazine and attract more audiences.

Publishing the incidents, new promotions, opening new branches, receiving certificates or internal and international rewards, introducing new product or services and the news related to the company or organization’s activities around the world are the material which will be included in magazine.

Nodid group for the first time assists you in events and seminars or internal and international fairs, to choose a special reporter and publish a pictorial report of the event reflecting on your presence in next issue of your specific magazine.

The Complexity of some organizations and companies’ activities such as banks, insurance companies’ activities related to industries or factories require discussing about insights and strategies. Specialized magazine, according to the number of pages, is a unique opportunity for publishing materials and articles of the managers and the companies and organizations’ experts.

Searching the websites of the press and the reputable publications of the world, selecting, compiling and translating scientific materials, fiction, entertainment, and report related to your activities including high-quality images

Nodid studio with a team of professional designers well-informed of up-to-date art events designs your magazine. Designing logo, uniform, layout, choosing and placing images according to the text is among our services in this area.

Nodid's print supervising group, together with experts in print supervising, monitor the whole process of publishing newsletter or advertisements to make sure about publishing a magazine with up to date standards of the world.

Nodid group revises and identifies your customers and delivers your media through national post. Surely, to guarantee an effective and widespread distribution of the magazine, applying the organization’s database would be highly beneficial.