Specialized Advertising for introducing products, services

Nodid is a specialized advertising magazine for introducing luxury products and services to the upper-middle class of Tehran. NODID is the most cost effective media in terms of cost, coverage, and targeting customers for introducing such products and services to this specific customer segment. This magazine is issued bimonthly and is currently passing its tenth year of activity.

Nodid's target audience is individuals and companies from Tehran's upper-middle class and the promoted products and services are harmonious with their lifestyle. This audience has been targeted based on their occupation, field of activity, house or office location as well as their history and background in choosing products and services.

Nodid's circulation is ten thousand issues on average and this number increases in some special times of the year such as Nowruz. According to our studies, in each household, office, or company that receives the magazine, four individuals view it in which case it is expected that Nodid has 40 thousand addressees.

  • Circulation 10 thousand copies
  • Each Address 4 Contact person
  • About 40 Thousand audience

Almost half of the profiles in Nodid's database are chosen from customers' database of high-end companies and brands. Furthermore, Nodid's distribution team is constantly searching for and identifying audiences and potential customers. Location, size and price of the households in Tehran's districts 1, 2, and 3 are some of the criteria to identify audiences.

Currently, residents of almost all of the luxury residential towers in Tehran's 1-3 districts are among the recipients of Nodid. In addition, some of our current profiles are those who have subscribed themselves and registered their complete profile after being targeted by Nodid distribution team. Senior managers of large and medium-sized companies are among the other main groups in our database.

Africa Blvd., Aqdasieh, Darrous, Elahieh, Evin, Farmaniyeh, Fereshteh, Gandhi St., Kamraniyeh, Mollasadra, Naft, Niavaran, Qeytarie, Qolhak, Saadat-abad, Saei park, Shahrak Qarb, Tajrish, Vanak, Velenjak, Zafar, Zaferaniye

Why advertising in Nodid?

Currently, there are a very limited number of mediums in Tehran, even Iran, that exclusively serve this specific group of audience. Nodid is one of these few mediums, which has the highest circulation, coverage and readership of the category. In addition, Nodid is the most experienced title in its category which being published regularly and constantly, has positioned itself as a reliable and prestigious source for luxury and reputable brands.

Why is Nodid the most cost-effective?

In term of advertising rate, circulation and cost-per-thousand to reach the audience of class A and B, Nodid is the most cost effective medium compared to similar magazines and popular press titles. The following diagrams compare the cost of advertisement in different titles, with the aim of reaching the upper-middle class audience.
Notes: 1. The advertising rates of Hamshahri, Iran and Jam-e-Jam are based on 1/4 random color page (minimum rate).
2. The advertising rate of Khanevade Sabz, Ideal, and Luxe, are based on one random full page (minimum rate).
3. Class A and B audiences’ percentage is extracted from Target Group Index (presenting by EMRC).
4. These magazines are distributed nationwide, which means their A and B audiences’ percentage in Tehran is lower than the mentioned rate.

CPT (AB)* PriceToman % AB Circulation Title
215/000 10/320/000 12% 400/000 Hamshahri Daily
280/606 9/260/000 11% 300/000 Iran Daily
218/182 9/600/000 11% 400/000 Jaam-e-Jam Daily
241/667 5/800/000 8% 300/000 Khanevade Sabz Magazine
452/381 3/800/000 12% 70/000 Ideal Life Magazine
111/000 2/000/000 90% 20/000 Advertiser Nodid

Nodid as a Marketing Tool

Nodid, as a popular journal among the upper-middle class of Tehran, is now a successful medium to generate brand awareness and encourage its audience to purchase products and use services relevant to their lifestyle. Also, regarding running direct marketing campaigns, Nodid is the most efficient means of communication with the largest coverage within the upper-middle class. In addition, compared to other similar media, Nodid has the minimum waste of circulation and maximum efficiency. The advertisers' feedback shows the achievement of this journal in creating attraction in buyers and repeating it. Nodid management, do not advice companies targeting middle-class consumers to promote their brands in this journal. In fact, we avoid advertising these brands due to protection of the image of high-end brands. Therefore, companies with high-end brands can be confident about their presence in Nodid.

Nodid's Distribution

Nodid has the following two main distribution channels: 1. On average, 7 thousand copies are being distributed via Iran National Post Office in two methods of regular mail and express mail. 2. 13 thousand copies are being distributed directly by Nodid distribution team in luxury residential towers and buildings. The distribution process takes place under direct supervision of the team to guarantee an efficient distribution.