Nodid is a specialized and executive group in designing, graphic and publishing

Corporate identity is an integral visual identity which expands through all official papers and packaging of the products and it turns into the brand, product or services’ most significant sign. The importance of corporate identity is that it is often the first image the buyer or consumer visualizes and has a unique and steady effect on their selection.

A booklet including several pages (usually more beautiful, exquisite and comprehensive than brochures) for introducing products or services in general or in detail

It is dividing black and white spaces, designing titles and headings, grids, designing magazine and press logos, text grids, headlines, captions, information bars, footnotes, pages numbers, English and Farsi fonts, designing index page, designing the font and back cover, designing magazine’s identity (luxury, fantasy, etc.) and also decorative elements.

Designing different kinds of urban and road billboards, stands, strawboard and advertising lamppost boards for introducing products or services in the cities and public places.

Designing advertising posters for introducing products, services and events such as seminars, fairs, etc.

Packaging considering the customers’ requirements and taste of that time with perfect execution depending on the design

Design promotional calendar and gift in the form of walled, tablecloth and due date and also exquisite books with topics related to the activity of each brand.

Designing one-page, two-page or multi-pages advertisements for publishing on the cover or internal pages of different magazines according to its size and regulations and also the requirements and goals of the brand,

Nodid group with extensive experience in the publishing industry together with skilled print supervising experts offers specialized publishing services. This group has developed a successful resume through the years of activity in this field and also has been awarded the first place in 12th and 13th National Festival of Publication Industry in September, 2012 and October 2013 in the section of monitoring publishing projects. Nodid is ready to monitor your publishing projects and offer a unique and high-quality product.