a comprehensive reference for promoting luxury products and services in Tehran which focuses on categorie

The magazine publishes latest news and events regarding luxury lifestyle; from architecture and interior design to newest fashion collections, from technological innovations to music and cinema, or introducing touristic destinations, hotels, airlines and even cafes and restaurants. Nodid Plus follows these topics all around the world and produces unique content through a balanced combination of text and image and video. Nodid Plus editorial gathers the most up-to-date, popular and creative topics in an online magazine which updates every couple of hours to create new content any time its audience check the website. The content published in this magazine suits a wide variety of tastes. The editorial provides the contents through constant research of other websites, and customer feedbacks’ analysis. Such precision and professionality in developing the content of this magazine has made it a unique media for all Farsi speakers around the world.

The general audience of Nodid Plus is all internet and social network users. Nodid plus considers no boundary in expanding the array of efficiency and informing therefore both the content of the magazine and the brands and companies in the website are spreading across the cyberspace. However Nodid plus searches for its potential customers interested in luxury lifestyle with the latest targeting strategies and invite them to visit the website and other social network platforms.

This part is an extensive reference from various luxury services and products in Tehran including the information of every brand and the mentioned products and services. Each brand has a full profile on Nodid Plus website which contains every single information important for a user or potential buyer: brand name, logo, tagline(s), full postal and online addresses, direct access to brand’s website and social media accounts, product(s) or service(s) galleries, videos and catalogues and news (such as the openings of shops and new branches, or the new products and services). The profile also features an ‘About’ article on the subject of brands’ history, activities, achievements and awards. These profiles are not static and they develop through a dynamic procedure. And here too, everything spreads via Nodid Plus social medias. Special Service: Nodid Plus offers the production of exclusive content for the respective company or brand. The Articles would be published on Nodid Plus’ website with potentiality of sharing on other social media.

Constant following of the news related to luxury products and services all around the world and knowing the customer targeting strategies online has formed an active network which connects the audience and potential buyers on one side and brands on the other side. Therefore, Nodid Plus is not only a path for promoting products and services, but also a network to simplify such a connection. All the contents spread via social media accounts around the web. So the content of magazine and profiles will go viral and this will result to a more effective promotion for all brands. Nodid Plus creates an easy and enjoyable experience in searching for products and services; gathers everything necessary for improving life style in one point; minimizes the confusion in choosing; creates a direct relationship between product and service owners and the customers while reducing the inner city travels leading to saving time and expense; Nodid Plus offers a proper collection of the best and the most elegant necessities of luxury lifestyle. This project images a various, inspiring, and elegant media in which the choices are abundant and choosing is facile. This media liberates you from the trouble of scattered advertisings online. It applies a new and efficient approach and spreads the information of a brand or product significantly.